How The Music Streaming Industry Works. Or More Importantly How It Doesn’t.

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Okay, so you subscribe to one of the big music streaming services, be that Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon or any other. So where does your $10 a month go? I imagine, like most people you think this is going to your favourite artists, you know the ones you listen to the most?

In reality, this is unfortunately not true.

Yes, some of your money goes to the artists you like, but, most of the time, the rest, if not the majority of your money is going somewhere else. This is decided by the mathematically flawed way streaming services calculate and pay royalties. This flaw rewards artists with fewer fans and more streams, and cheats great indie artists with a reasonably sized fan base but with less streams per month.

This gives out an awful message: Fans don’t matter… More importantly, your choice doesn’t count.

So how does this work?

These streaming services work out the royalties for their artists by putting all the subscription revenue (so your $10 a month plus every other subscriber) into one big pot. The service then takes its 30% for themselves. And then the leftover 70% is used to pay royalties.

This huge bag of royalties is then divided by the overall number of plays that month (streams or listens). This “per-stream royalty rate” is then paid out to the artists.

So if we think about this what used to more important to an artist or band? What would they prefer, one fan who listened to their music 2,001 times or 2,000 fans? Imagine an artist putting on a concert to one, all be it very devoted fan instead of 2,000? It’s an obvious answer, but in the world of music streaming the revenue would be higher for the one fan with 2,001 streams!

This makes the fans who are clicking on the music a lot, worth more than the fan base. This conveys a terrible message that a single person is worth more than you! Every fan should have the same say and impact on their favourite artists.

We at Find What You Like know every fan is worth something, your choice matters. That’s why we let you recommend your favourite artists and let you listen to music with our free music playlists.

We don’t care about the number of streams; we care about music-loving fans.

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