Pandora Has Announced New Products for Their App as Competition Increases.

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Pandora is set to release a number of new products for their music streaming service this autumn, with an announcement from co-founder and CEO Tim Westergren on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.”

Westergren is looking to take on the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, stating they just offer “30 million songs and a search box and ‘good f*ckin’ luck”

He goes on to say “Our approach is going to be to take what we know about you to make it intuitive and personalised – which will cause you to actually engage with it.”

One thing that Spotify already has that gives a bit more than just “good f*ckin luck” is their Discover Weekly playlist. This playlist uses smart algorithms to create personalised playlists for their users based on their tastes every Monday.

One of Pandora’s new product announcements promises to “curate a wide variety of recommendations for you on a weekly basis across Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Dance, and more.”

Sounds very similar wouldn’t you say.

But Westergren argues otherwise “We’re not going to do a ‘me too’ product,” he said “It’s going to be a very intuitive, personalised experience that takes advantage of all we know about you as a listener to make a more interactive, easy-to-use and intuitive as the radio product.”

Whether their new product is different or an improvement on Spotify’s Discover Weekly, we will have to see when it’s released later this Autumn.

This brings up another point, are these personalised playlists, all that personal? Be it any of the streaming service’s algorithms, that choose the music for you. Are they affected by an artist’s popularity? Links with the streaming services? Deals signed? Or other factors?

Are you really getting an unbiased ‘personalised’ playlist?

Pandora’s press release for its New Music Stations says “We know what you love now, we know what you’ll love next, and we’re broadening our scope by selecting the latest music in your favourite genres that you wouldn’t have discovered before,”

Well we don’t tell you what to listen to, we like free choice, we like free music playlists, we let you Find What You Like.

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