A Review of the Best Music Playlist Sites

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If you are looking for sites to create, share and listen to music playlists, then chances are you are going to do some research into the service best suited to you. While Find What You Like offers many great services, we understand that you might still want to consider all the options available to you in the world of music playlists.

Being an honest and transparent company here at Find What You Like, when it comes to interacting with fellow music lovers, we are happy to give you any information to help you get the most enjoyment out of your music listening. So we are taking a look at some of the best music playlist sites.

1. [email protected]

Started by founders Will Henshall and John Vitale with a group of leading neuroscientists, in Los Angeles in 2011. [email protected] is a music library and playlist creator specific for music to help you concentrate and focus while working or studying. They have a unique library which has been designed and re-mastered to aid focus whenever you may need it.

2. Wavelength.fm

Wavelength is a streaming service where users can stream music and videos in public or private chat rooms. Their idea is for users to share and build playlists with friends and/or other users.

3. AllMusic

AllMusic is a music resource site that gives you info on albums, bands, musicians and songs. They give you reviews and ratings for albums new and old, as well as having staff picked playlists with streaming links to tracks.

4. 8tracks

Found in 2006 by David Porter and launched in 2008, 8tracks offer free music playlists which have been picked and created by their users. They offer many different playlists which you can explore through picking different genres, artists or moods.

5. Tastebuds.fm

Tastebuds aim is to connect people through musical common ground, kind of like the facebook/tinder of music playlists. Just share your music or song tastes and find like minded music lovers within your area.


So there you have it. Now you’re armed with some basic information about some of the many online music playlists out there.

Although there are multiple options out there to create music playlists Find What You Like offers many services such as:

  • Free customised playlists, made for any genre or mood.
  • No ads.
  • Integration with a variety of music services, such as, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and many others.
  • Group/Party playlists where you can listen with friends.


Join Find What You Like for FREE with NO ads at findwhatyoulike.com to search, create and listen to your favourite music together.

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