Best Places Online to Discover New Music in 2017.

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Part of our story is to help you find new music you’ll love. So we’ve put together a guide to help you find new music in 2017.

As well as using our great free music playlists there are many ways to help keep you up to date with the latest and greatest bands and artists. Whether you just love to listen to fresh music or you like to be clued up on the hippest bands to impress your friends, our guide will give you some ideas to search out your next favourite artist.

Music Reviews

Reviews and the latest music news can give you an excellent insight into great new music and fresh independent artists. I’m a regular reader of Paul Lester’s Band of the Week in the Guardian, I recommend this to any music lover as a fail safe way to discover some new tunes. The man is spot on with his weekly picks.


Love it or hate it Twitter is a great social media platform for keeping in the loop with your favourite artists and bands. I follow all my favourite musicians, music reviewers and record labels, and because of this my live feed has become a list of recommendations for new songs, albums and artists that my following are connected to and are also enjoying.


Bandcamp “makes it easy for fans to directly connect with and support the artists they love.” Bandcamp is a great place to find and buy awesome independent music and albums, their idea is to help indie musicians sell their music and for their fans to have a way to pay them for their “art”.


Very similar to Bandcamp but a lot more tracks, independent and commercial. Soundcloud is great for discovering new music for the same reasons as Bandcamp.


More obvious ones but couldn’t be left off the list. Great for commercial music.

Your Friends

Nothing beats a recommendation from a music loving friend. Maybe a friend on Find what You Like’s free music playlists? You can always trust a fellow music lover’s recommendation.

A Record Store

Nothing beats searching through a record store, we’ll I used to love doing this, there aren’t many record stores left in my town now. But if you have one near you, have a rummage around you may find some hidden gems, and you can also search and add this to your music playlists after.


Pitchfork’s best new music always has up to date reviews and opinions on their new favorite artists, bands or albums. Great to check out something new.

Our last tip on the list is kind of us blowing our own trumpet, as Find What You Like is perfect for finding great new music to add to your current fav tunes. So what are you waiting for? Have a go at creating a free music playlist and see what great new music you can find.

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