Music Streaming Has Even More Choices, as Deezer launch in The US and Microsoft Overhaul Its Groove App.

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So as music streaming looks more and more like a two horse race between Apple Music and Spotify. Two other music streaming services are upping their game. Which means there is even more choice between which music streaming service to choose from!

Deezer may not be very well known by our American readers, but it’s a popular music service that has subscribers and fans worldwide. The French company has been available in more than 180 countries since 2013, but has only recently been looking to break out of the European market with more advertising and promotion in the UK, and now its launch in the US.

Deezer is now accessible in the US as of July 19th for $9.99, find more info about Deezer in our Ultimate Guide to Music Streaming.

In other news, Microsoft has announced a complete overhaul of its Groove music app. This update has added many new features to the $9.99 subscription based music streaming service, to help it compete with the other music streaming services on offer.

Maybe this could be a sign that Microsoft want to get in on the action with the other big players such as Apple and Spotify.

When most were thinking that the choice of music streaming services was full enough as it is, more companies seem to be on the front foot to get their piece of the music streaming market.

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