Spotify Is Selling Ads Based On Individuals Taste.

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Spotify is giving advertisers the opportunity to deliver ads that are targeted to individuals based on their listening habits.

Spotify has recently opened its Private Marketplace which will let advertisers buy 15 or 30 second audio advertising spots, which will “target audiences by age, gender, genres, and playlists – all in real time,” says Spotify. 

Audio ads are nothing new in music streaming especially to Spotify, but they are usually purchased before, and then played on these streaming services between songs. So Spotify claims to be the first to offer this service to marketers in real-time with insight into its users listening habits and information such as age, gender and music taste. This gives advertisers a direct advantage as they can deliver the most relevant adverts to Spotify users.

Spotify’s ad revenues last year had doubled from 2015, up a massive 98% to $219m.

“Today, we are extremely excited to be partnering with Rubicon Project to make our premium inventory available in an automated fashion, providing advertisers the ability to deliver ads in real-time to more than 70 million registered Spotify users whether they are commuting, at work, at the gym, at home, or wherever they regularly consume audio content,” Global Head of Sales of Spotify, Brian Benedik commented.

Harry Patz who is Chief Revenue Officer of Rubicon Project, said: “As Rubicon Project continues on our mission to automate all forms of advertising around the world, we are extremely excited to be blazing the automated advertising audio trail with a digital audio leader like Spotify and to be tapped as the only destination where buyers can purchase this premium inventory in an Automated Guaranteed fashion.

“With consumers increasingly turning to their mobile devices to consume content, streaming audio providers like Spotify are primed to tap into the enormous benefits of advertising automation as buyers seek access to audiences exactly where and when they are most receptive. We are thrilled to partner with Spotify on this first for the entire industry.”

Ad slots are available across all playlists such as sponsored play, individual and national, as well as podcasts.

“We’re now one step closer to our goal of making all of our innovative ad experiences available programmatically,” Spotify said in a statement.

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