All of Apple Music Playlists Are Curated by Only a Dozen People.

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Playlists are the future of music and music recommendations. And personalisation is the future of music streaming. Personalised playlists are a big thing, and most streaming companies are at war with each other to have the best personalised playlists.

But, what is personal about 14,000+ playlists being created by just a dozen or so people? Is that really a recommendation you can trust? 12 people influence over 13 million of Apple Music users on what they listen to.

I’m not saying these playlists aren’t great, or they choose the wrong artists or songs, but it just seems a bit wrong to only rely on 12 people to pick the music that every listener hears on a playlist in Apple Music. And not to mention, how in the hell did 12 people have the time to create 14,000 playlists within the first year of Apple Music being in existence? Apple say their employees have “embarked on a never-ending quest to organise every song in history into concise playlists that you can’t live without.”

Apples “never-ending quest” seems to be a quest to out-do Spotify with their playlists, even though Spotify is still the fan favourite they have far less playlists on offer at 4,500, these have been created by 50 curators and over a much longer time than Apple.

This is just another case of the top music streaming companies fighting it out for subscribers, seeing as most of the streaming services are set at exactly the same price point, the only thing these companies can do to compete are to add new features, more personalised playlists, and exclusives.

Find What You Like allows you to link your Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, and Youtube accounts. We don’t believe in being told what to listen to, especially not by a small number of people, so join the community and search, create, and listen to your favourite music together on your music streaming provider of choice.

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