How Playlists Are Changing the Way We Listen

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How Playlists Are Changing the Way We Listen.

Streaming has hit a new high, reports from 2015 show there were 67.5 million subscribers and $2.9 billion of trade revenue, which is a 31% increase on 2014. But what has drove this increase?

The Playlist.

Playlists have always been important in the streaming industry, but they are rapidly becoming the core which drives it. Playlists are now the main way music is discovered and consumed, and the way these playlists are curated are driving singles sales and what we listen to.

Playlists have side lined the album, and when it comes to streaming, they are no longer the currency, the single and the playlist are. And this change is transforming the way we listen and discover music.

No longer does the power of new music recommendations lie in the hands of radio DJs, it’s been handed to the playlist curator. And the way music streaming has brought consumption and discovery together, the recommendations of playlist curators are becoming absolute. This is something the music industry is not ready for, as already notice and mentioned here on the blog, that in the UK top 40 less new artists and singles are able to break into the charts.

This is not to say the album is dead, far from it, many artists still believe their album is their work of art, their novel. And many listeners still go out and listen to the whole album of their favourite artists.

But the album is no longer what it was, it’s not the main way people listen to music anymore. Similar could be argued with radio; radio stations have become second place to playlists when it comes to discovering and consuming music. DJs are no longer the influencers when it comes to music recommendations, the playlist curators are.

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