Music Streaming Pillow – Listen to Your Favourite Playlists While You Sleep

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So who out there has tried to sleep with headphones on? I have and its uncomfortable, waking up at 2 a.m. with one earbud stabbing your ear and the other’s cable wrapped around your neck like someone’s trying to strangle you while you sleep! – Okay maybe just me, I must move around a LOT while I sleep – Anyway, if you’ve had this problem, then a great new Kickstarter campaign called the ZEEQ Has solved this, by stuffing 8 speakers inside a pillow.

The Creator of the ZEEQ Smart Pillow explains, “One night, I took apart a pair of wireless headphones and shoved them inside my pillow. And to my surprise, I was able to hear the music, but my wife wasn’t. I knew I was onto something.”

The ZEEQ pillow does not only play music, it has a vibrate alarm and it also monitors sleep activity, collecting all your important sleep data.

But the most useful feature of the music streaming pillow, is the function to vibrate when you snore, making the user change position to stop their snoring.

“monitor and react to your snoring, analyze your sleep and intelligently wake you up,” according to the pillows Kickstarter campaigns page. “Unlike any other sleep technology, ZEEQ actually responds to the data it collects.”

It’s also slightly worrying that this could be perfect for streaming nocturnal subliminal messaging and advertising to the unaware user.

Okay maybe that’s thinking too much into it, it’s a pretty awesome product, and would be ideal to use with some sleep playlists you’ve created with Find What You Like’s free custom playlists service.

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