The Battle of Spotify Vs Apple Music Intensifies

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The Battle of Spotify Vs Apple Music Intensifies, As Apple Launches in More Countries and Spotify Releases New Features.

The fight between Spotify and Apple Music is intensifying, as both streaming companies are looking to bring more to the market, by either launching their app in new countries or releasing new features.

Spotify has recently released their new personalised weekly playlist called Release Radar, which is available to all users. Spotify will be hoping to follow the success of their Discover Weekly.

Release Radar works by compiling a weekly playlist which only includes brand-new releases, this is personalised to each user to only include artist they like or listen to regularly. This is done to help users keep up-to-date with all the new music releases, without having to manually check when their favourite artists are releasing their albums.

This uses a similar system as Spotify’s already successful Discover Weekly, this ‘deep learning’ system ‘learns’ the users’ music taste to help recommendations. The main difference in this system between Discover Weekly and the new Release Radar, is that Release Radar will look through the users’ entire history on Spotify, rather than Discover Weekly which looks at the last six months.

This release from Spotify comes at a time when the battle between the Swedish music streaming company and Apple has been heating up.

Apple Music is continuing its push to expand into new territories, and with its new addition of South Korea – which is a fast growing market – Apple Music is now available in 60 countries where Spotify is not. This adds up to Apple Music being available in 55 more countries than Spotify, as Spotify are in 5 territories where Apple Music has not yet been released. So, If Apple is looking for world domination when it comes to music streaming, it is well on its way.

So with these two streaming companies putting pressure on each other with this latest news, as well as the latest reports that Apple Music’s Android App has left beta, the battle between Apple and Spotify is definitely getting intense. Is there going to be any room left in the market for the other companies such as Google Play, Deezer, Amazon and Tidal?

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