Why Music Streaming Is Good for Creators (the artist) and Consumers (you, the listener)

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Why Music Streaming Is Good for Creators (the artist) and Consumers (you, the listener).

There have been many arguments complaining about the music streaming industry (we have also been guilty of this), mostly regarding the way music is consumed, curated and just the general streaming habits of users.

Although most artists are available on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, there have been some major hiccups in the past involving massive artists such as Adele and Taylor Swift, who have restricted or in some cases banned their releases from streaming services.

This is down to arguments of fair payment and fair business models.

But music streaming is here to stay, and is already the main way we all consume and discover music.

So seeing as music streaming isn’t going anywhere, we thought we’d take an unbiased – well slightly unbiased – look into a few reasons why music streaming is a good thing, for creators (artists) and the consumer (you, the listener)

  1. Streaming is the Present and Future of Music Consumption.

Consumers and creators alike have embraced streaming as the main avenue to listen to music, be that on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or any other of the many streaming services. The advancements of technology have boosted streaming, such as, faster internet, larger and faster data plans for mobiles, which has made music accessible anywhere. Newly developing countries and continents like India and Africa, are now embracing streaming thanks to these advancements, so places that were previously untouched as an income source for record labels and artist are now entirely new economic systems for the music industry.

  1. 100 Million-Plus Subscribers Means a Real Source of Income For Artists

Long gone are the days of illegal downloads, music streaming is big business. A lot of industry professionals have forecast that 100 million paid subscribers is the magic number for when streaming can make up the downturn in physical records and downloads. With companies well on the way to meeting this with Spotify estimating at least 30 million subscribers and Apple 15 million. The music industry is on the way back to what it used to be before the days of illegal downloads. Thanks to music streaming.

  1. Unlike Most Video Streaming Services, You Get ALL The Music

There are some exceptions to this rule, such as Adele who wouldn’t release on streaming services the same week as the physical records. But, whatever streaming service you choose you are more than likely to have all music you need, with nearly every artist, album or genre available to you. This is unlike Video streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon, as they both have exclusives and if you want all the television you crave you have to lump out for all the services available in your region. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to music streaming.

  1. Music Discovery and The Playlist

All these streaming services have dedicated staff, famous DJs and music artist curating and compiling music into playlists for people to consume, so you’re never short of discovering new music. Long gone are the times of listening to radio in hope of discovering your next summer jam. Some companies even create specially customised playlists to your taste.

  1. Creators Are Getting Paid to Create All of Your Favourite Songs

Although maybe the payment and royalty system may need tweaking, artist are actually getting paid for their work. The number is around 70% of the revenue the music streaming companies get from subscriptions and advertising. Which is actually on average a larger percentage then what iTunes pays on digital downloads and what a record shop would pay for a physical sale.

So there you have it, a bit more of a positive slant to the music streaming industry then our usual moan.

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