Amazon Wants to Offer a Cheaper Music Service to Compete with Spotify, But It Will Only Work On Its Echo Player

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Amazon is looking to launch a music streaming subscription service that would work the same way as Spotify and Apple Music, offering just as large a digital music catalogue but for half the price. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well there is a catch, the cheaper service will only work on its Echo Smart Speaker.

The online retailing giant is looking to also offer the same service but on all devices for $10, which would be in direct competition of the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. But where Amazon is looking to steal subscribers away from these services is by offering a music streaming service at half the price.

Whether this will be successful we’re not sure, as conventional wisdom within the music streaming business, believes that most people like to take their music with them and play it whenever they want through a mobile device.

With the majority of Spotify users and subscribers signing up from a mobile device, not being available on multiple devices could make the $5 subscription less tempting.

Amazon launched the Echo last year, which is an internet connected speaker powered by the company’s AI software Alexa, and since then they have reportedly sold 1 million units. They have forecasted target sales of 3 million this and 10 million in 2017.

Amazon hopes to launch its new music streaming services – both the $5 Echo only and $10 full service – this September.

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