Apple Music Signs deal with British Wireless Carrier EE

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The UK’s largest wireless carrier EE (Everything Everywhere) is going to give its customers free Apple Music subscriptions.

EE will offer new and upgrading customers a free trial of Apple’s music streaming service for up to six months. The offer will be live from September 1st.

This is a big move for Apple Music in the UK, with EE being the largest mobile phone provider, this is surely going to convince new music streaming customers to try Apple Music, and it could even turn quite a few heads of Spotify customers looking to make the switch to Apple Music.

As part of their advertising campaign, US superstar Britney Spears will be appearing alongside their regular spokesman Kevin Bacon on EE’s new UK advert.

EE chief executive Marc Allera told reporters about the new deal, “we’re delighted to be the first UK operator to offer Apple Music, with its incredible catalog of songs, playlists and Beats 1 radio.”

Allera continued with, EE’s goal of bringing “our customers services from the best companies in the world,” he went on to say that “in Apple Music, there is no doubt we have found that, and together, we’ll provide customers with an outstanding music experience.”

Apple Music is viewed as the up and coming rival to Spotify, if not currently their main rival globally. Apple Music gained over ten million subscribers within six months of its launch back in July 2015, and now has over 15 million subscribers.  This is in comparison to Spotify who have recently stated they have reached 39 million subscribers worldwide, although Spotify took six years to reach 10 million subscribers, compared to Apple Music’s six months.

This deal is massive for Apple Music within this on-going “Streaming War”, as EE (formerly orange and subsidiary of the BT Group) has around 26 million customers, and if Apple Music can tap into just part of that it would increase its subscribers considerably.

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