Are Spotify Deliberately Punishing Artists Who Sign Exclusive Deals with Rivals?

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Katy Perry’s Failed New Single Seems to Suggest So…

When any international pop star puts out a new track, especially someone as big as Katie Perry, you would have thought it would draw huge attention, with radio stations and streaming providers promoting and playing the next big hit song.

But this isn’t the case for Katy Perry, her big comeback single – which is her first for two years – called “Rise”.

You may not have heard of it. We certainly didn’t. And that’s kind of the point.

“Rise” had a temporarily exclusive premiere on Apple Music and iTunes from July 15 for a week, then after this premiere window it was released on rival streaming company Spotify. Perry’s song didn’t even reach Spotify’s Global 200 until August. This is despite the song being used on NBC’s Olympics coverage.

So what is to blame for this? Our guess is the feud between Apple and Spotify.

Anonymous industry sources claimed in an article on Bloomberg that Spotify regularly conceals certain artists as a punishment for signing exclusive deals with their rivals such as Apple Music and Tidal.

A sign of this is that Katy Perry’s “Rise” is yet to feature on Spotify’s “Today’s Top Hits,” which is a playlist to promote and spotlight new popular music. Whereas Perry’s previous hits have regularly featured in this playlist.

The songs poor performance could be explained by the lack of exposure on Spotify, seeing as Spotify have over 100 million active users. The singers last big hit “Roar” smashed the international charts, but “Rise” struggled, with it reaching a high point of No. 25 in the UK, No. 11 in the US, and No. 39 in Germany, and has done worse in other countries. (This could be to do with the song being a flop; But its catchy and upbeat nature is very similar to Perry’s other hit songs).

This is another case of why music exclusives need to stop. If not for the sake of the artists, but also the listeners.

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