Experience Is Now Key as Music Streaming Shifts Further Away from Freemium

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The music streaming industry is crowded, there can only be room for so many products offering slight variations of the same service. So how can these streaming services make sure they rise to the top instead of getting squeezed out?

Currently there are at least five big names in the music streaming industry. Each service offers almost the identical libraries of popular songs. Each have similar playlist and customization features. Most offer free services. And all (except Tidal) are set at the same price point for their paid subscription.

The question is, which streaming provider will a potential customer pick when they are all so similar?

It all depends on the most important thing. That is, the experience.

User experience includes emotion. It incorporates intuition and connection between the user and the product.

One company that is relying on user experience in order to survive against the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and Google, is Deezer. But to beat these service providers, the French streaming company will have to work hard on giving listeners something different.

That something different, is ‘Flow’, which is its personal music assistant. Flow picks music for its users using its own curators, an algorithm and contextual signals.

Deezer is banking on Flow to make the difference between their streaming service and others. Time will tell if this works but the success of their new advertising campaign should give an indication of whether it attracts new subscribers or not.

Describing their new advertising campaign chief marketing and commercial officer for Deezer, Golan Shaked has said:

“If I had to define our marketing strategy, I’d say it’s based on the idea that like a small dog you have to be loud enough to be heard but cute enough to be taken home,” Shaked goes on to say. “We want to differentiate ourselves through Flow and then get people to try Deezer because of it, giving them a certain number of days to do what we want them to do in order to properly configure the service to their lifestyle. If it works, you’ll be convinced. If it doesn’t work, then go to Spotify.”

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