How to Create the Ultimate Party Playlist

So you need a better playlist for your next big party or get-together? Well you’re in luck, as our music experts at Find What You Like are going to give you the best tips to creating the ultimate party playlist.

The Party Playlist Basics

Plan for your playlist to last for at least 3 hours

This could be longer or shorter depending on how long you will be partying, but make the playlist long enough so it never repeats.

No shuffle

No not the dance move – although you could ban the questionable dance move from your party if you wish – but sticking either your music library or a playlist on shuffle. You need to have a flow to your music to have the perfect party atmosphere, so shuffle is a no go. And also it may save your blushes if an embarrassing track comes on that you may not have realised you had.


Depending on the occasion and whether you want your guest to enjoy conversation or to let loose on the dancefloor, the volume and genre of music is important.

To get everyone up dancing

Pick the latest dancefloor fillers

Make sure you get some big hits in from this year, such as “One Dance” by Drake, “I took a pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, as well-known songs are going to get people up dancing.

Build up

Start your playlist mellow and build up to the big tunes when your party really gets going, you don’t want to overwhelm guests from the start.

Think like a DJ

Keep the feel of your music consistent between songs, think of the mood and tempo, you want smooth transitions.

In case you need a wider appeal

If you have guest ranging from a wide age group or with different musical tastes you need to mix it up a bit, here are a few tips.

Bring out the classics

Like we said make sure you have all the latest hits, but don’t forget to mix them with a few classics and some of your guests’ favourites to keep everyone happy, or why not try the listen together app to let all your guests be the DJ.

Add a few covers

Keep both the older and younger generations happy by throwing in a few covers of some classic songs.

Some Closing Remarks

If creating a party playlist sounds daunting, or you’re looking for an easier, more party-friendly way of creating a playlist…

Why not try our Listen Together App, the app lets all of your guests be the DJ, so no more arguments over what song comes on next, as you can all decide together. The Listen Together App can be used to create the ultimate party playlist, no need to guess what tracks your friends will like, you can all pick together, taking the stress away from what track everyone wants on next, so you can get your groove on and enjoy the party together!

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