How to Keep Everyone Happy with The Music at Your Next Party

Not everyone likes the same kind of music, so it’s very difficult to keep everyone at your party or get together happy. Your guests and friends will sometimes want to skip tracks or put on their personal favourites, and even worse they might start arguing over what music should be played.

To hopefully stop any of this and make your party or get together go as smoothly as possible we’ve put together a few of our tips to help you keep all your guests happy with the music being played.

Be Flexible

Make sure you’re choosing music for you AND your guests, don’t just pick all your favourite tracks especially if they’re not very well known. Or even better put together your playlists with a few of your friends who will be at your party, having a few of you to compile your playlist will give you the best chance of having an audience pleasing party playlist.

Or you could try this in real-time with our Listen Together App for the ultimate party playlist experience.

Select Genre and Mood Appropriate Songs

If you are having a dinner or cocktail party then hardcore techno may not go down well with your guest, so picking mellow tracks would be better. But if you want people up dancing then build your playlist around some of the latest dancefloor fillers.

Add Some New Music

Don’t be afraid of adding a few of you or your guest’s favourite new tracks, but do this sparingly between some more well-known chart toppers.

You could try this with our Listen Together App, why not take it in turns between your guests to pick the next new track to listen to.

Know When to Skip the Track

Don’t over play any songs, if your audience isn’t enjoying a certain artist, track or genre, switch it up, or let your guests skip the track. This is generally true when your party changes mood, such as the end of the night when guest want to chill out rather than party hard.

So hopefully you are now set for your next big get together or party! To make things go even smoother why not try our Listen Together App, the app lets all of your guests be the DJ, so no more arguments over what song comes on next, as you can all decide together.


The Listen Together App can be used to create the ultimate party playlist, no need to guess what tracks your friends will like, you can all pick together, taking the stress away from what track everyone wants on next, so you can enjoy the party together!

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