Music Streaming Exclusives Could Soon Be Coming to an End

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The whole thing of Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal offering music streaming exclusives might be finally coming to an end – and music consumers can’t wait.

The frustration and annoyance for consumers of trying to find out which service the next hot new album will be exclusively released on, and the necessity to have multiple streaming services may thankfully be coming to an end.

Not just consumers but some musicians themselves have been calling for this to end, with Kanye West, who we reported about recently tweeting: “This Tidal Apple beef is f*cking up the music game. F*ck all this d*ck swinging contest. We all gon be dead in 100 Years. Let the kids have the music.”

Kanye certainly has a way with words…

But it could have worked, as there is good news as the first step towards ending streaming exclusivity has been made this week.

CEO of Universal Music Group Lucian Grange, according to the Guardian, has emailed all at his major record label saying that the trend of offering up new album exclusives to a chosen streaming service – which in the past is usually Apple Music, although they have had deals with Spotify and Tidal – is to end.

This is a huge move, as the umbrella company is home to almost 80 record labels, which include Capitol, Def Jam and Interscope, as well as artist-run labels such as Kayne West’s GOOD Music, Cash Money, Dr. Dre’s Aftermath, Eminem’s Shady, and J. Cole’s Dreamville.

So to hammer home how important this is, all of this year’s album of the year Grammy nominees, would have been affected under the change. Which included artist such as Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Stapleton and Alabama Shakes.

So it still remains to be seen if other major record labels will follow Universal’s example, but we can hope as we’ve always said music streaming exclusive are not a good thing for any music streaming users.

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