Pandora Is to Launch an On-Demand Streaming Service to Go After Spotify

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Pandora is aiming to join the big leagues of music streaming…

The Internet-radio service is planning to start offering two paid subscription tiers, which could be available as early as next month, according to the Wall Street Journal. These tiers would make the company better suited to compete with the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and other music streaming services.

Currently Pandora only offer their internet-radio service which does not allow users to pick specific songs – instead you tune in to personalised radio stations were you can skip through tracks depending whether you like or dislike them. Although it may be a great internet radio service, it’s not quite the same as Spotify and Apple Music, where you can instantly find the track you’re looking for.

Pandora’s on-demand subscription, similar to its rivals, will be $10 a month. Pandora’s second paid subscription is being reported as an upgraded version of its current no-ads radio service, Pandora One, which will give listeners extra features and offline enabled listening for $5 a month.

The launch of these new streaming services is dependent on Pandora finalising deals with record labels, which would expand their current offering of 2 million songs to around 30 million. Once finalised, these deals will also allow Pandora to offer their streaming service worldwide, suggesting the company is also looking at international expansion of its service.

“We’ve been working hard to bring an expanded listening experience to listeners and are on track to do so later this year,” a Pandora spokesperson told Forbes.

The company has not yet confirmed the next-month timeline. But Pandora CEO Tim Westergren is set to debut a new on-demand service in the second half of this year.

We continually write about the competitiveness in the music streaming wars, but Pandora does have a few advantages. First, over 80 million users listen to Pandora’s internet radio every month, this gives them a solid base of users to convert to a paid subscription. Also, Pandora is offering a halfway price point at $5 a month, which may sway a few non-paying and paying music streaming subscribers who feel $10 a month is slightly too much.

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