Spotify Is Making Its Own Tracks and Is Adding Them to Their Playlists

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With the recent news of Spotify deliberately blackballing Katy Perry’s Apple Music exclusive comeback single “Rise” from its biggest playlist, you would of thought there is nothing else the Swedish music streaming giants could do to surprise us?

But, there is more. And it’s more surprising than you would have thought.

Spotify has started to make its own records.

Multiple sources have informed Music Business Worldwide that in recent months, Daniel Ek’s music streaming company has been employing producers to create Le with specific musical guidelines.

These producers, composers, and songwriters are paid a flat fee for their work, but Spotify own the master copyright.

Then the tracks appear on Spotify under fake names.

These fake artists are credited with owning their master copyright but they don’t, as they are made-up people. These tracks are owned by Spotify.

The understanding is that Spotify is giving instructions to their producers to create tracks in specific genres and styles, such as, jazz, chill out, and peaceful piano. Most tracks are instrumental (without vocals).

So why would Spotify be paying producers to create music for them? The answer. To add to their relaxing playlists, which have millions of followers between them.

Sources claim these tracks do exist, and that five of these Spotify-owned tracks have more than 500,000 streams, with one having over 1 million!

“Even the majors don’t know about this,” a source told MBW.

“If they did, it would be bound to cause some interesting debate, especially during licensing negotiation time.”

Although these tracks won’t be popping up in the charts anytime soon, could this be the start of Spotify creating their own hit music tracks? Maybe, something similar to what Netflix offer with their ‘Original series’?

Find What You Like has expected such a move from Spotify or any other music streaming service. See some of our thoughts on the topic in our previous post: Will Streaming Services Remain Independent When They Start Releasing Their Own Album’s?

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