Amazon Launches Its Full Music Streaming Line-Up of Music Streaming Services

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Amazon’s rumoured line-up of on-demand music streaming services are now available. The new service which is going to be direct competition for the likes of Spotify and Apple Music is called Amazon Music Unlimited. The service launched last Wednesday (12th October) and is being offered at a few different price points.

The first of these is $9.99 a month, this is Amazon direct competitor to Spotify and Apple Music, as it offers similar music streaming services at a price to match them.

But their membership offer for existing Amazon Prime customers is a lot more tempting, and maybe more worrying for their competitors. Amazon are giving these Prime customers the same $9.99 service at $7.99 or for a flat annual fee of $79 for year giving just over a dollar saving a month for users (around $6.58 a month).

The music streaming service will work with the redesigned Amazon Music App as well as through Amazon’s Echo. Amazon also offer an Echo only streaming service at $3.99 a month.

Amazon have offered music streaming services for Prime members for a while now, but with lack of functions and the size of their music catalogue it could never compete with the bigger streaming companies. But now they’ve launched Amazon Music Unlimited they’ve expanded their music library from around two million songs to “ten of millions”, Amazon claimed in a press release.

Amazon aren’t the only company to start thinking about offering different price points for a music streaming subscription Pandora, iHeartRadio and Vevo have also been trying to compete with the big music streaming services by offering cut price subscriptions.

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