Deezer Lets Artists Pay for Sponsored Plays by Partnering With

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Deezer has recently announced a partnership with, if you’re unsure who are, they are an advertising network that lets artists promote their music inside streaming services.

This service is available to all artists and labels, and allows them to advertise their latest songs or albums as sponsored content using in Deezer’s free music streaming subscription, guaranteeing the music reaches the right target listeners.

The service also offers analytics to measure the success and reach of their adverts. CEO Lior Aharoni, who founded the company with his brother in 2013, said: “Radio has always been the most powerful place to break an artist, but it’s always been inaccessible to most artists. The way people listen to the radio has changed and our mission is to be the new radio promotion tool in the music streaming era, allowing talented artists of any size to get airplay where people now consume music”.

Deezer’s VP of Ad Sales Tristan Rachline Said: “Deezer aims to deliver the best experience to consumers in a way that also delivers what artists need to connect to their audience. The launch of this service now means that artists can easily integrate their music into the Free Deezer platform, reaching the right target audience at the right time. Deezer’s technology has always been driven by innovation and superior design and functionality, so we are delighted to be collaborating with to further enhance both the user and artist experience”.

Skrizzly Adams, the New Jersey singer, has described as an “incredible asset” that “hold the potential to give artists of all sizes access to reach fans in streaming services.” Of the Deezer partnership Adams said “I’m thrilled to see Deezer opening access for artists to advertise and think every streaming service needs to offer this to the artist community.”

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