Music Streaming Now Counts Towards Certified Sales

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French music trade body, Snep, has recently announced that it will be counting streaming plays towards its awards which they give to artists and labels.

This will include all singles and albums released from after January 2016.

These awards were given depending on the amount of sales a track received, with the Diamond verification being awarded once sales has exceeded 250k units.

Now streams have been added to sales, the numbers have changed, to around 35 million stream-equivalents.

Rather than using the more common method of converting streams to sales, Snep has decided to do the opposite by counting 1 sale as 150 streams.

This reflects on the ever-decreasing download sales. Since the beginning of the year, the weekly most downloaded tracks have hit 5 different all-time lows, getting to low levels that are almost unheard in a country of 67 million people.

The lowest of these came 5 weeks ago when the number of downloads was a pitiful 2,100 units.

In a complete opposite to downloads, music streaming continues to boom. The total number of music stream has frown by a massive 71% in the first half of 2016 compared to last year.

These awards by Snep are given as Gold, Platinum and Diamond, with Gold given to tracks achieving 10 million stream-equivalents, while Platinum is 20 million, and Diamond is award to tracks surpassing 35 million.

The first records to go platinum in France was ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles, which is quite fitting seeing as ‘Streaming Is Killing the Download Star’.

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