Music Streaming Services Are ‘Too expensive For Many Non-subscribers’

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SubAn online survey conducted by YouGov and Zuora has suggested that almost half of the people who do not subscribe to any music streaming services think they are too expensive.

The poll suggests that music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify should ‘experiment with pricing’ to attract the 90% of the British population who are not music streaming subscribers.

The research also showed that the 10% who do subscribe to streaming services pay around £7.07 per month.

The online poll was conducted between 27th April and 4th May 2016, and had more than 2,100 adults involved.

According to UK Music revenues, music streaming has grown by 49% to £251m in 2015.

Despite this the users of music streaming services are still a lot lower than that of video streaming services such as Netflix, which is 27% of the British population.

The pollsters also said that there was a large number of potential customers for music streaming services that could be attracted “via innovation in pricing and packaging”

“There is a lot more room to grow” chief executive of Zoura, Tien Tzuo said.

The research also suggested that more than half of the 5.2 million music streaming subscribers have no plans of ever buying a CD again.

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