Spotify Say They Are Committed to Offering Free Streaming

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Out of most of the major players, Spotify is the only company that looks committed to offering an ad-supported free service.

Spotify’s Global Head of Creator Services Troy Carter appeared at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference last Tuesday, and defended the streaming company’s choice to continue to offer a free service.

“I don’t think we’re ever going to get to a world where everybody on the planet is going to pay for music,” said Carter. A free tier listener “may never convert to a paid subscriber. They may not be able to afford it….” He also commented about the way artists can still earn money in the modern music business. ‘But they’ll be able to afford a concert ticket, they’ll be able to afford a t-shirt.”

Spotify’s Chief Strategy and Chief Content Officer Stefan Blom was also at the WSJ.D event, he also made the point that a “free” service doesn’t mean the music industry isn’t making money from ad-supported streaming services. “We are monetising it, and we are monetising it well” said Stefan Blom “This ad-supported model works.”

Spotify Blast Apple for Its Exclusive Releases

Carter and Blom also reiterated Spotify’s anti-exclusive agenda, and a sly blast to Apple Music, stating “We don’t believe that it is good for the artist,” said Blom. “We are not retaking in that game.”

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