X Factor Meets Spotify

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The Stream Coming to The US as NBC Snap UP The TV Talent Show

Some people may remember the Norwegian TV talent show, The Stream? Well if not, it was a show that promoted or evicted their contestants based on their ranking on Spotify.

And now it’s coming to America.

NBC has gained exclusive rights to the show in the US, which they say the show will have ‘music industry titans working together to uncover the next superstar artist’.

There are no confirmed names for these ‘music industry titans’ are, but going on the Nordic version they will most likely be well-known A&R execs from big names such as Universal, Sony and Warner.

So how does the show work?

An NBC press release explains: “Everyone will be able to upload their video to The Stream online platform, where it instantly becomes available to the public.

“Once the performance is online, it’s up to users to spread, share and stream their favourite music. All musical talent can participate – whether they are a solo singer, rap-duo or electronic group.”

After this process, the 100 most streamed musicians are invited to perform in front of The Stream’s music industry judges – who then select 30 of the best acts to join them at a bootcamp.

Next the 30 contestants are whittled down by the label ‘titans’ until each have their favourite three acts sign record deals before the live finals begin.

After these nine finalist preform on the weekly live shows, audiences will have the chance to vote for their favourites by the total streams each act receives.

The most streamed artists stay in the competition and the least get evicted.

These streams will probably be collected on Spotify, but nothing has been confirmed.

A spokesperson for Norway TV 2 told Music Business Worldwide in an interview: “The deal with Spotify is a non-exclusive one in the sense that the music from the show can be made available through all streaming services, such as Apple Music and Tidal, as well as Spotify. This is up to each label to decide.

“There are nothing in the contracts between Spotify, broadcaster TV 2, production company Monster and the record labels that restricts where songs from the contestants can be made available.”

“‘The Stream’ brilliantly uses technology and social media to draw music lovers in and make them a part of the process,” said Paul Telegdy, President, NBC Entertainment.

“We’re excited to discover talent in this modern way and connect the best artists with the industry’s top starmakers.”

NBC claims the show ‘goes where no television talent competition has gone before and speaks the language of our generation’.

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