Why the Music Industry Should Have Its Very Own Black Friday

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If you are one of the few people who are ignorant of the fact that last Friday was Black Friday. You belong to the rare group of people who are oblivious to the Amercanising of society.

Either that, or you’ve been – quite literally – living under a rock. In which case, you should know that Donald Trump is now the US President.

A very American tradition, Black Friday is the day of unrestricted commercial abandon that takes place on the day after Thanksgiving and leads to the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. After being imported to the rest of the globe a couple of years ago. It is the reason for a lot of brawling in the shopping centres.

And while music retailers in the UK haven’t been able to exactly follow the footsteps of their counterparts in the US and turn the event into a big deal, it would still be unfair to blame them. After all, the last thing the UK needs is punters fighting it out for the last remaining copy of the latest Olly Murs album.

Here’s The Reason Why the Music Industry Should Have Its Very Own Black Friday!

Yet, the aforementioned scenario is also indicative of something important. If people can – and do – get overexcited regarding new gadgets, toys and PC games, why do new music releases not have the same effect?

In spite of all this, however 2016’s Quarter 4 has been nothing short of spectacular in terms of sales front, in spite of the stellar line-up of famous names.

Perhaps streaming services are indeed starting to take a toll on the traditionally strong sales; Numerous streaming services in the US have been known to offer subscription discounts on Black Friday, offering very attractive discounts.

Whatever the reason, it does not seem like a bad idea to make shoppers actually buy music in the weeks before Christmas. Of course as long as it is called anything but ‘Black Friday’ and has no Olly Murs. Anywhere. Period.

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