Will the Music Streaming War Heat Up Further?

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Rumour: Are Apple Music Considering a Serious Price Drop?

According to a pair of sources working closely with Apple Music, the streaming service may be preparing for a major price cut. If the price drop is carried out, the cost of Apple Music could be cut by as much as 20%, putting the monthly price below $8.

This comes as a reaction to the new competition in the market from the likes of Pandora and Amazon Music, which are both looking to undercut the big two of Spotify and Apple Music by offering streaming services at a reduced rate than the norm in music streaming of $9.99.

The sources come from Digital Music News, where they confirm that the California-based company is “actively considering” discounting the price of its streaming services. Of course this is not guaranteed, but as mentioned the addition of cheaper streaming option are an obvious concern for Apple Music and Spotify, so it comes as no surprise that Apple may be considering cutting their prices.

So how much would this save the average Apple Music user?

Well, currently Apple Music’s streaming service is priced in the following options:

Regular single user subscription: $9.99 a month

Family subscription: $14.99 a month

Student subscription: $4.99 a month

According to the sources the price could be cut by $2 across their regular and family subscriptions, these equate to a discount of over 20%.

So prices could look more like this:

Regular single user subscription: $7.99 a month

Family subscription: $12.99 a month

Student subscription: $4.99 a month

Apparently the price slash could happen as soon as Christmas, and could start as a possible holiday promotional discount.

As many of our other articles have stated there has been a shift in music streaming, with addition services coming into the market at lower price points and reports from music fans and streaming subscribers saying that they can’t or don’t want to pay the full $9.99 for a music streaming service.

It appears that Amazon is the biggest influence to this news, as Amazon Music are offering many different price points, depending on whether you use their echo or already have their Prime service.

So if this goes through Apple Music users will have Amazon to thank!

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