Prince’s Company sue Jay Z’s Tidal over catalogue streams

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Prince’s record label has sued superstar rapper Jay Z’s entertainment company for copyright infringement. According to court records, Tidal has been illegally offering the late musician’s tracks on it subscription-based streaming service.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday by NPG Records through the United States District Court in Minnesota. It claims that Jay Z’s Toc Nation illegally offered a number of Prince’s massive hits such as “1999” on its music streaming service – Tidal.

According to the lawsuit “Roc Nation, through its Tidal service, is exploiting many copyrighted Prince works.”

Tidal was authorised to stream some of Princes songs to its subscribers, but the service expanded that number around the time of the musician’s death on June 7 without the approval from the Prince estate trust, the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit goes on to say, the Prince estate is “not aware of any agreements with Roc Nation or Tidal by NPG Records or NPG Music Publishing other than the letter of intent”, yet “Roc Nation, through its Tidal service, is exploiting many copyrighted Prince works in addition to the works that comprise the ‘Hit N Run Phase One’ album”.

Prince was known for his blend of jazz, funk, R&B, disco and rock, in a prolific career which spanning over more than 30 albums. He sold over 36 million copies in the US alone. The tragic death of the music innovator shook the music world back in June, but Prince lives on through his great hits including “When doves cry,” “Purple rain,” and “Little red corvette.”

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