Spotify Is Most Likely to be The Best Streaming Service of 2016

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While Spotify and Apple Music are undoubtedly the top contenders in the streaming industry, it seems that the former will gain the ultimate top spot of having the highest number of paid subscribers in 2016, in spite of Apple Music’s phenomenal growth in subscribers.

While Apple Music is, without a doubt, a ruler within the streaming industry, it is yet to defeat Spotify, which holds the top spot in as far as growth in 2016 goes.

Launched towards the last of June in 2015, Apple Music garnered 10 million in paid subscribers, as of January and thereafter went on to double this number, according to BuzzFeed News. Spotify, which was launched in October 2008 on the other hand, took about 7 years to reach the same figure.

Spotify Is Most Likely to be The Best Streaming Service of 2016 despite Phenomenal Rise in Apple Music Subscribers

However, while it may seem that Apple Music is on the verge of overthrowing Spotify, you must understand that the latter has been around – and leading the streaming industry for a much longer time. For instance, while Apple Music achieved 17 million paid subscribers in September this year, Spotify did not take a long time to counter these figures and achieved a spectacular 40 million in paid subscribers in very less time.

Since the month of September, Apple Music has been averaging approximately 1 million in paid subscribers every month. Spotify, however, shows no signs of backing down, reporting to have at least Thirty 30 million paid subscribers as of March, averaging approximately 1.6 million paid subscribers every month. The statistics, therefore, make it very clear that Spotify is indeed ahead in the race for bagging the title of the best streaming service. However, the final confirmation will only take place once the total numbers will be finally revealed.

After bagging exclusive deals with artists such as Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift and Drake, Apple Music seems set to supersede its competitor. It has, however, very tough competition in the shape of Spotify’s free streaming service feature, which consists of ads, and can be used on a trial basis before users make the decision to convert to paid subscription. The costs of membership for both platforms are virtually the same, costing 9.99 per month for individuals, $14.99 per month for families, and $4.99 per month for students.

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