YouTube Red is Now in 5 Markets

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With the launch of YouTube Red, along with its sister app YouTube Music in South Korea the video subscription service is now fully available in 5 countries. First launched in the month of October in the US the year before, YouTube Red has garnered considerable criticism from various sources in the music business for its slow subscriber uptake.

According to The Verge, since last October to late summer this year, Red has so far attracted a mere 1 million in free trial subscribers, and 1.5 million in paid subscribers. The service has not backed down, however, and is looking for a capable Growth Marketing Manager who can aid them in accelerating the number of signups in the US market to the platform, which costs $9.99-per-month. Furthermore, YouTube Red has also spent a considerable amount of time and effort in expanding its markets, having arrived in New Zealand, Australia, as well as Mexico.

And now the video subscription service, which allows both offline and ad-free viewing, in addition to exclusive premium-only content, is now available in Korea for a subscription charge of 7,900 won ($6.75) per month.

According to Google, popular K-pop boy-group Big Bang will be releasing their very own music video on YouTube Red in the following year.

The subscription service is, however, yet to enter the European market, which it has not touched so far, and includes the UK. While Google did report that YouTube Red would be planning a UK launch end-2017, and it did look like a likely possibility on account of the licensing deals signed with IMPEL and PRS in January earlier this year, it is, however, much more unlikely now.

According to YouTube, around $1 billion has been paid to music business rights holders within the last twelve months.

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