Deezer Continues Its Foray into football Sponsorship By Partnering With FC Barcelona

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Leaving no stones upturned to upstage itself from its rivals, the popular music streaming service has now partnered with FC Barcelona.

In what is being considered a well-calculated move, popular music streaming service Deezer has signed a deal with FC Barcelona to be the club’s official music partner. Having created an official channel for Barcelona on the platform as part of the deal, Deezer will offer fans playlists which have been custom-created by the club and its star players.

Additionally, the subscription service will also include more than a hundred songs in its list, which includes Catalan songs and tracks that players use during pre-match. The official playlists shall be played over the PA system at Camp Nou before and during games, with the Deezer trademark appearing on LED screens in the stadium.

The news of this deal has arrived only 3 days Deezer signed a similar deal with Manchester United in its bid to stand out in comparison to Spotify and Apple by building on the efforts of the French company.

Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial Officer of Deezer, spoke very highly of the partnerships, calling them an earnest attempt to make the best of the natural affinity that exists Deezer and football fans. Discussing this, Shaked said “We believe music is part of the daily life. It’s the soundtrack that goes with you and football fans, just like anyone else, will enjoy music as part of their daily life experience.”

Subscribers of Deezer will be eligible to enter competitions with FC Barcelona-themed prizes. Barça members and fans will get the chance to win a Deezer Premium account, which offers access to unlimited music from a very wide and diverse music catalogue.

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