Ed Sheeran Breaks The Spotify Record

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Despite having a brilliant start on Spotify with his pair of hit singles on the 6th of January, it doesn’t seem that Ed Sheeran is slowing down anytime soon, with the play count growing by leaps and bounds.

On the very day of its release, Sheeran’s Castle On The Hill scored 5.63m streams on Spotify, putting an end to One Direction’s Drag Me Down, which had 4.76m daily streams in August 2015. It did not, however, create any records, thanks to Shape Of You, the peppier of the two tracks, which had an impressive 6.13m streams on Spotify on the day of its release – 29% above One Direction’s record-breaker.

Ed Sheeran Creates – And Recreates History by Breaking The Spotify Record 3 Times In 4 Days

But that was just the beginning. On the second day of his release, Sheeran managed to complete the impressive feat of breaking his own record. While Castle On The Hill went down by 608,002 streams from its release day by adding only 5.02m streams on the 7th of January, Shape Of You recreated history by racking-up an additional 6.58m – up by 458,797.

Shape Of You did not slow down, however; after a one-day lull period for both songs on Jan 8, they had a marvelous return on January 9th, when Shape of You broke its own record yet again by logging in 7.24m streams (i.e. 7,240,930) on the 9th of January – over 10% more than the previous one, and an impressive 52% more than One Direction’s 2015 record-breaker. Castle On The Hill wasn’t too far behind either, having collected 4.83m streams (4,828,158 to be precise).

All in all, both Shape and Castle On the Hill earned a combined figure of 46.54m, with the former logging in in 26,486,497 plays. and the latter logging in 20,054,765. They have taken up a combined figure of 80m Spotify streams exclusively in the opening week.

That said, even these impressive stats cannot portray the total extent of Sheeran’s popularity.

Spotify has its “chart rules” to keep people from manipulating the system and have a limit on the number of times someone can stream within 24 hours. Atlantic Records, Sheeran’s label, released statistics last Saturday that reveal that the actual streaming numbers logged in in the first 48 hours might have actually been 25,839,709 – over 2m more than the figure on the Spotify charts, this implies that Sheeran’s real streams over the two tracks is perhaps more than 90m.

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