Pandora Launches Own Music Streaming Service

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Pandora Launches Its Very Own, On-Demand Music Streaming Service – Premium

Pandora was the company which had once kick-started the streaming music revolution through its radio station-based service which tailors itself according to the preferences and usage pattern of the user. Today, about a year after having acquired Rdio, Pandora has finally decided to reveal details on its impending entry into the on-demand music streaming service industry, where it is all set to compete with top-spot holders such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Set to launch in early-2017, it will be released as a new tier called Pandora Premium, and just like its competitors, will be offering an extensive library consisting of a collection of millions of songs available as on-demand, in addition to ad-free streaming, and offline viewing at an estimated subscription of 9.99/month.

The best feature of Pandora has been its ability to personalise, and Pandora Premium is no exception to this rule. The service will use its extensive listening history of users as well as their likes to and make suggestions of new artists, albums and songs according to the same. Furthermore, Pandora will customise search results on the basis of the user’s taste, along with a feature of smart playlisting which will suggest songs automatically which are similar to those on your playlist.

As with any other service, there is the thumbs up and down icons, and every time the user hits the thumbs-up button, a playlist gets automatically-generated. The service has also ported the AutoPlay feature from its predecessor Rdio. This feature will use the listener’s album or playlist and create a radio station based on that.

As of now, Pandora has over 78 million monthly subscribers on its ad-enabled radio station-based service, and in addition has a Plus tier which enables the user to listen ad-free listening, skip unlimited, and listen online at a price of $4.99 per month.

Tim Westergren, the CEO of Pandora, said that he expects the new service to garner at least 11.3 million subscribers by 2020. As of now, Spotify has the top spot with 40 million subscribers, with Apple Music close by its heels with 20 million paid subscribers, gaining from its 17 million count in September.

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