IHeartRadio Launched Its Own Streaming Service

In what is being considered as a major turning point for the music streaming industry, popular internet radio platform iHeartRadio has just launched its own streaming service as a rival to Spotify.

Called the ‘iHeartRadio All Access powered by Napster’ (What a mouthful!), the streaming service’s premium tier costs $9.99 a month, is a part of the original free iHeartRadio app, and follows the $4.99 per month iHeartRadio Plus which was released on the Android and iOS platforms and Android in the US last year.

IHeartRadio Just Launched Its Own Streaming Service as A Rival To Spotify, And Frankly, It Has Quite A Name!

Sitting alongside the iHeartRadio Plus, iHeartRadio All Access provides its users with some very trendy features, including a no-playback cap, a larger and more updated music library consisting of over a million tracks, a comprehensive search function and an offline listening function, along with the option to save songs from over 850 custom and live local radio stations, and add them to a My Music playlist for playback anytime.

In addition to all of this, subscribers will now have the liberty to skip as many songs as they like – without any limits whatsoever.

Having gone up to 95m registered users from last January’s 80m, it seems that the service might just upstage all the others when it comes to paid streaming.

Darren Davis, the President of iHeartRadio, spoke highly of iHeartRadio, “In the beta phase alone, we have already seen an incredible response from our users and have experienced our best month of listening since our official launch of iHeartRadio in 2011,”

“iHeartMedia is the only media company that has the assets, platform and reach to drive massive consumer awareness and successfully introduce two new subscription services, built around real radio, so rapidly.

“iHeartRadio has truly differentiated itself by offering features that no other services can.”

The partnership between iHeartRadio and Napster was announced later last year.

Although Pandora – yet another rival streaming service had offered its own revamped version of its $4.99-a-month service replay features, skips, and offline features, it was ultimately no match for the iHeartRadio’s $9.99 per month Spotify rival —a product that was first promised by Pandora and was slated to release last year.

iHeartRadio also saved itself from the financial burden of having to gain licenses from both the three majors as well as the independents (something that Pandora had to go through) by partnering with the already fully-licensed Napster.

Built on the basis on Rdio technology, Pandora’s streaming service is slated to launch early in 2017.

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