Facebook Makes Another Move into Music

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So what exactly is Facebook up to these days?

Facebook Enters Interesting Territory as It Makes Another Move into Music

In what can be considered a bold yet quite an odd move for the ultra-popular social networking site, Facebook advertised a totally new role last year – that of the ‘Head of Music Publishing.’ The role did not remain vacant for long though, with ex-Warner Music Group executive Tamara Hrivnak leaving Youtube to take-up the position.

Such a move made it very clear that Facebook, the world’s most popular social network that has over two billion users, is now planning to incorporate music into their platform in some way. And the theory was only more strongly confirmed by Facebook began to advertise for a second role in the same niche earlier today.

Is Facebook trying to incorporate music streaming or music publishing (or perhaps both) on its platform? If there was at all any doubt on the matter before, the hiring of the 2 new executives has all but confirmed it.

Tamara Hrivnak being hired as Facebook’s licensing administrator (or ‘Head of Music Publishing’ – as Facebook calls it) is now being seen as the predecessor to bringing a high-class music lawyer on board. Yes, that’s right folks. The brand new role advertised by Facebook is that of a ‘Legal Director of Music Licensing,’ who will be based at Facebook’s HQ at Menlo Park, California.

Which begs the question – what will happen when Facebook finally forays into the already very competitive world of music streaming? Well, in spite of some chatter here and there, the viability of the streaming model is indeed uncertain, which is perhaps the reason why the company is waiting until they cross the experimental stages successfully before they reveal their hand.

After all, we all remember Instagram, which was acquired for $1 billion when the photo platform had reached its height, and look where it is now.

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