A Guide To Choosing The Best Music For Your Coffee Shop

Coffee shops and cafes are packed with culture, they have a fan base of loyal customers, and attract a following primarily on their atmosphere alone. Music is extremely vital part of any coffee shop, that is why companies like Starbucks place a lot emphasis on their playlists and even have their own in-house music editors.

In order to contend, you need to create a unique atmosphere for your coffee shop and your music choice and playlists can do this.

Here are three tips on selecting the correct music for your coffee shop.

Consider independent Musicians

Using independent musicians shows your customers that you place effort into your music choice. It shows that you have gone farther than scraping the surface of mainstream music, or just created a station on Pandora, and put extra effort into being unique. Selecting independent music for your business may be a powerful means for your customers to expertise the culture of your brand.

Choose Complimentary Songs

When selecting music, it is important to not deviate between musical styles a lot. Therefore if you decide to go with indie music, do not sway to hip-hop with the next song, create gradual changes between songs and choose solely those that build the sense of atmosphere you are making an attempt to establish in your coffee shop. As you curate your playlist with potential songs, listen to your music when sitting in your cafe. If the songs fits the atmosphere of your coffee shop, you’ve got the correct songs.

Music will make Customers keep Longer

If you are looking to influence customer staying time and buying selections, music will help. By playing slower paced music, your customers’ perception of time is affected, causing them to remain longer. However, if you are looking to extend your rate of table turnover or cut back perceived wait times, quick paced music may speed things up. Most significantly, by playing music that is most complimentary to the atmosphere of your coffee shop, customers may be willing to pay additional for food and drinks, if they stick around that much longer.


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