Keep everyone at the party happy with Youtube music from our listen together player.

All your friends

To make sure your party or get together go as smoothly as possible the Listen Together App works no matter how many friends you have.

Keep everyone happy

Not everyone likes the same kind of music. The Listen Together App can help you keep all your guests happy with the music being played.

Great for conversations

The Listen Together App continues to play music without the stress of finding new tracks, so you’re free to enjoy the party together!

Have your privacy

Private rooms let you Listen Together with your best friends without the fear of your parents favourite golden oldies landing on the playlist.

Listen togethers features

They don't all fit on the homepage, so here are just the most important ones

Voting System

Every room has voting automatically enabled (per default). All users are able to vote and add songs they like. The song with the most votes will be played next.

Great customization

Change the room settings, make it private, turn voting on or off, or take control as DJ.

Internet DJ

Be a smash hit in your next listen together room by picking all the best tunes!

Import your Music

Findwhatyoulike will automatically import your own library from Spotify, Deezer, or another music streaming provider when you connect it.

Integrated Search

Search through our library and on your music streaming provider.

Hanging Out

With permanent rooms you can always find your music loving friends and the best music there is.

frequently ask questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions that might interest you.

What is great about YouTube?

YouTube is completely free and has millions of tracks and videos on their site, so you’ll always be able to stream the track you’re looking for and listen to YouTube videos together.

Do I need to install anything?

Nope, nothing to install and a YouTube account is also free!

What do you mean with music taste?

Our services analyses your musical taste, by looking at the artists, albums, genres, songs and more that you have imported to fwyl. All this defines your musical taste. And what a great musical taste you have!

When will YouTube work as a streaming player?

We are working hard and will aim to support Youtube as soon as possible, with others later. Why not sign up with Deezer for free, and we will notify you when you can listen to music together on YouTube.

Will the player stop adding new songs?

No, a listen room will continue to play new songs until you pause the session.

Where does the music come from?

The music comes from your chosen music streaming provider, so either Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, or Soundcloud. Deezer Premium is the only provider that is currently working, but we will be adding more very soon.


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